33 Orchard
33B Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002
Hours: Wed – Sun 1:00 – 6:00 pm

Owner: Jane Kim

33 Orchard St - Google Maps
33 Orchard St – Google Maps

About 33 Orchard

33 Orchard, opened January 23, 2014, is a new art gallery located at 33B Orchard Street between Hester and Canal Streets in Lower Manhattan. 33 Orchard will invite gallerists and curators who are without a permanent space, to produce high-quality and exciting shows, four to five weeks in duration. 33 Orchard proposes an alternative to the traditional commercial gallery, which involves sharing resources and forming working relationships within the art community. At a time when there are questions surrounding the prevailing business model of galleries and how that business takes place, the space creates a conversation focused on moving collectively towards sustainable market practices. By challenging the notion of a correlation between ownership and quality, 33 Orchard will thrive from the dynamism of shows conceived of and composed by a diverse group of art professionals each taking their turn to transform the gallery.

Why 33 Orchard?

[a] To create a gallery structure that invites other gallerists/curators, who do not currently have permanent spaces, to install exhibitions of their programs alongside like-minded professionals.
[b] The need to create such a space, stems from the prevailing gallery business model which has become too costly with the commercial rents, production costs, and art fairs fees associated with maintaining them.
[c] We are passionate about the ideas of sharing resources, collaborating, and splitting the costs of operating an art gallery.

Who is 33 Orchard?

Jane Kim: Jane Kim is a contemporary art dealer, gallerist, and curator based in New York. Kim’s professional experience in the art world includes working at various galleries in New York City and Paris, then creating her first gallery Thrust Projects in 2005 which subsequently became Jane Kim Gallery in 2011, an online gallery for contemporary art. Her work also includes the pop-up show Swing State at the location, 119 Hester Street in NYC this past April-May 2013. The first exhibition planned at 33 Orchard is of the work of Daniel Domig.

Gallery Press



As several older Orchard Street galleries play musical chairs, trading in their tiny storefronts for bigger spaces nearby, some new kids are arriving on the block. Jane Kim, who founded and ran Thrust Projects on the Bowery from 2005 to 2010, is setting up shop at 33B Orchard Street. 

“I took some time off to re-think the gallery business and how it is possible to function within our community, where young galleries increasingly carry financial burdens,” wrote Ms. Kim, who has been working as an independent curator and private dealer since Thrust Projects closed, in an email. “33 Orchard is a new business model of a commercial art space that will hopefully allow dealers and curators flexibility and freedom.

“33 Orchard will function as a collective space where art professionals contribute to the overhead and production costs of shows with the intention of participating in the shared experience of running an art gallery,” she continued. “The collaborators I seek are gallerists and curators who have forgone their permanent spaces, are undergoing financial restructuring, or are located in different cities.”

The first show, a selection of nine recent paintings by Vienna-based artist Daniel Domig, will open on Jan. 23.

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