Sonia Leimer & Christian Kosmas Mayer

Sonia Leimer & Christian Kosmas Mayer
Hosted by Verlag für moderne Kunst

June 16 – 30, 2017
Reception on Thursday, June 29 from 6-9 pm
Gallery hours: Wed – Sun // 12 pm – 6 pm.

Decor Chinois2
Christian Kosmas Mayer, Décor Chinois, 2010, Print on vinyl, Variable dimensions.

Verlag für moderne Kunst is pleased to present a two person exhibition by Sonia Leimer & Christian Kosmas Mayer at 33 Orchard from June 16 – 30, 2017. The show launches the artist’s recent publications with Verlag für moderne Kunst – a vinyl record by the two person musical group Essachai Vow, comprised of Mayer and Alexander Wolff, and Sonia Leimer’s catalogue “Autoterritorium”, from her exhibition at Taxispalais Kunsthalle, Innsbruck. Alongside these publications, Verlag für moderne Kunst will present a broad selection of books. There will be a reception on Thursday, June 29 from 6-9 pm, where the artists will be present to discuss their latest projects.

Inspired by the gallery’s Chinatown neighborhood, Mayer and Leimer will spend the following two weeks developing collaborative and individual works for the show, alongside their existing pieces. Mayer presents an installation of wallpaper depicting chinese decor, alluding to a specific early 19th century wallpaper produced by the french company Zuber & Cie. Mayer takes the colonial woodblock-printed wallpaper origins and reduces the imagery by subtracting the color and details to black and white, thus pointing to the important role of such images in the beginning of what we call globalisation today. Sonia Leimer’s two silkscreens from her Mickey Mouse series were created in New York during her current residency at ISCP. Leimer used an image of a formation on the planet Mercury that resembles the face of Mickey Mouse, and then silkscreened it onto titanium foil produced by the European space agency, a highly resistant material used for space craft insulation.


Sonia Leimer lives and works in Vienna. She studied architecture at the Technical University and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Leimer exhibited her work internationally at numerous art institutions and museums. Leimer’s opens a show at Commonwealth and Council, Los Angeles July 8, 2017. Her show ”Autoterritorium” at Taxispalais Kunsthalle, Innsbruck has been reviewed in Critic’s Pick, Artforum.

Christian Kosmas Mayer lives in Vienna and works variously with photography, video, sculpture, installation and performance. Known for his engagement with questions of memory, preservation and rediscovery, his works have been shown in numerous international institutions. Mayer was included in the Constructing Paradise, a group exhibition at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York, February – April, 2017.

About Essachai Vow:
Essachai Vow’s first 12“ vinyl LP Substance of We Feeling is available now through Verlag für moderne Kunst. 

PlatteAufGrau (1).jpegEssachai Vow, “Substance of We Feeling”, album cover, photograph: Clegg & Guttmann, 2017.


Cover-Leimer (1)Sonia Leimer, ”Autoterritorium,” Taxispalais Kunsthalle, Innsbruck, 2017.